What Are Local Services Boards?

Corporations formed under the Northern Services Boards Act to deliver basic community services in municipally unincorporated areas of Northern Ontario.

What makes up a Local Services Board (LSB)?
  • Governed by Boards of 3 or 5 annually elected members.
  • Board Members elected by the permanent residents and landowners within the Board Area who are: (i) Canadian Citizens; and (2) At least 18 years old.
  • An LSB is established for a specific geographic area.
  • An LSP can be given the authority by the Minister of Northern Development and Mines to provide a combination of the following 9 approved powers:
    • Water Supply
    • Sewage
    • Fire Protection
    • Emergency Telecommunications
    • Roads
    • Garbage Collection
    • Street and Area Lighting
    • Recreation
    • Public Library Service
  • If an LSB chooses to exercise one of its approved powers they must collect enough money to cover their expenses by charging a fee or a levy to the landowners in the LSB area.  (the fees or levies are usually added to Provincial Land Tax Bills.